Sunday, 15 January 2012

So many patterns, so little time in a day

Lately I've been seeing so many amazing patterns I want to do, I just wish there were more time in a day to do them all. Plus all the stuff I *have* to do in a day... work, kids, help tidy up, act as chauffeur/gofor lol

Awww, enough of my whining... on the bright side I did get a few projects completed - an Angela Hat (pattern by Mamachee whom I simply ADORE!) and I had lots of fun doing the test patterns! Now I'm starting on Maggie's second pair of Moccasin Slippers, and soon I get to start a beaver toque for Erika. That one will be fun! If anyone sees an interesting pattern, I'd love for you to share it with me!
I've been trying to decide if I should just make this a monthly blog, or just get rid of it... didn't think there was any point in trying to write every day if I don't have any subscribers lol On the other hand, maybe if I had a more exciting life to write about I would have some... who knows lol

Time to continue with the slippers. Don't forget to check my Facebook Page Mum Made Me for new items, contests and give aways. You can also follow me on Twitter @cyndellecrymson and Pinterest at Mum Made Me

Have a great day!

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