Sunday, 16 February 2014

Creepy Skulls! :-D

I originally bought the Creepy Skulls slouchy hat pattern (by Spider Mambo Designs) because my hubby saw a picture and said "make me one!" Lol  Apparently he didn't realize it was a slouchy hat, because part way through he asked why it was so big lol  So now it's mine :-D 

On the technical side - I didn't have DK yarn, and my closest access to yarn (aka Walmart lol) is an hour away, AND my car is out of commission! lol  So I had to make due with WW...and it worked out pretty well! The skulls are 2" square, instead of the 1¾ you get with pattern gauge, but that's ok by me! I probably could have compensated a little by going down to a 4 or 4.5mm, but the next size down from 5mm that I have is 2.5mm steel hook (broken/lost hooks, and back to the Walmart/no car reason lol)

And on the fun side - I used this hat in my FB profile picture and won a free pattern from Spider Mambo!! :-D  So I got the Creepy Skulls fingerless gloves to go with the hat :-D  EXCITED!

I am loving these gloves! 1 down, 1 to go. It's super cold here so when I'm done, I'm going to line these, and my matching Creepy Skulls slouchy, in a black fleecy material :-D

I used ww and it seems just fine  :-) I also added a couple rounds of skulls and decreased the ribbing (I did keep one round of ribbing so it matched the hat)

On the first glove it was really bothering me that the teeth were sliding along the chain lol so on the second one I worked into each chain, instead of into the chain space

All in all I love these patterns, and I might just have to buy more Creepy Skulls patterns!

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mini Masa Bag

I was looking around Pinterest (surprise, surprise lol) the other day, and saw a bag I just HAD to make - the Masa Bag.  I also had some Red Heart Blacklight yarn I've been dying to use! So, the two came together, obviously lol

I used a c2c (corner to corner) pattern in a 3:1 (length:width) ratio, then fastened seams as per Masa Bag instructions. I love it! I was going to work on a handle, but I realized it was 3 o'clock in the morning...bed time! lol

I had a vision during the night lol  Attach the two corners (where you would sew on the handle ends) together to make a smaller handle for a  "girls night out" bag (and then I'm going to make a bigger matching purse-sized bag with a shoulder strap...sometime

All in all, I love this bag and I'm so glad I found such great (yet very simple) instructions on how to put it together.

Now I just need a black light to fully appreciate this awesome

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Working on a baby set

01/11 My boss asked me to make a blanket for a coworker and his girlfriend’s new baby. She picked up the yarn and I got to work  :-)  For some reason, this is what I pictured in my mind right away!

01/17 Finished the c2c portion and a boarder with baby’s name, now I just need to wait for her to pop baby out so i know what date to put on the bottom lol While I wait I’m going to outline the letters using a surface ss in blue to make them more visible lol

01/21 Got the outline done the other day and I think it works SO well! Now the wait continues… But she does have an out of town Dr appointment today, and he said she’ll probably be staying there :-D

02/04 Well, Mr Parker was born January 23 at 10:08 pm. I went to start on the bottom of the blanket the next day and I couldn’t find my hook! :-( In the meantime, his Mum commented that Parker would love a Winter Pixie Beanie, so I made him one to go with his blanky  :-) I finally found my hook and finished the graph…and then stalled a few more days because I was NOT looking forward to all that reverse slip stitching and surface slip stitching lol But…it’s finally done and a basket full of baby goodies (including these items) is being delivered on the 7th :-D

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Playing with Snowflakes

I got some very fine, very soft thread given to me.  I couldn't decide what to make with it, then I thought I'd try my Snowflake Necklace and a very small hook. It was very slow going and drove me crazy at times because it's so small, but the final product was the Snowflake Bracelet

I gotta say, for all the frustration, I kinda like it  :-)  To make the bracelet instead of the necklace I just used a tiny (1.15mm) hook and tiny thread, and shortened the beginning and ending chains.  Next I will try a slightly larger hook with this thread to make a matching necklace

It'd love to see more Snowflakes out there - please feel free to go check out (and make) the free pattern and "hook it" on Ravelry  <3