Sunday, 16 February 2014

Creepy Skulls! :-D

I originally bought the Creepy Skulls slouchy hat pattern (by Spider Mambo Designs) because my hubby saw a picture and said "make me one!" Lol  Apparently he didn't realize it was a slouchy hat, because part way through he asked why it was so big lol  So now it's mine :-D 

On the technical side - I didn't have DK yarn, and my closest access to yarn (aka Walmart lol) is an hour away, AND my car is out of commission! lol  So I had to make due with WW...and it worked out pretty well! The skulls are 2" square, instead of the 1¾ you get with pattern gauge, but that's ok by me! I probably could have compensated a little by going down to a 4 or 4.5mm, but the next size down from 5mm that I have is 2.5mm steel hook (broken/lost hooks, and back to the Walmart/no car reason lol)

And on the fun side - I used this hat in my FB profile picture and won a free pattern from Spider Mambo!! :-D  So I got the Creepy Skulls fingerless gloves to go with the hat :-D  EXCITED!

I am loving these gloves! 1 down, 1 to go. It's super cold here so when I'm done, I'm going to line these, and my matching Creepy Skulls slouchy, in a black fleecy material :-D

I used ww and it seems just fine  :-) I also added a couple rounds of skulls and decreased the ribbing (I did keep one round of ribbing so it matched the hat)

On the first glove it was really bothering me that the teeth were sliding along the chain lol so on the second one I worked into each chain, instead of into the chain space

All in all I love these patterns, and I might just have to buy more Creepy Skulls patterns!

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