Saturday, 1 February 2014

Playing with Snowflakes

I got some very fine, very soft thread given to me.  I couldn't decide what to make with it, then I thought I'd try my Snowflake Necklace and a very small hook. It was very slow going and drove me crazy at times because it's so small, but the final product was the Snowflake Bracelet

I gotta say, for all the frustration, I kinda like it  :-)  To make the bracelet instead of the necklace I just used a tiny (1.15mm) hook and tiny thread, and shortened the beginning and ending chains.  Next I will try a slightly larger hook with this thread to make a matching necklace

It'd love to see more Snowflakes out there - please feel free to go check out (and make) the free pattern and "hook it" on Ravelry  <3

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