Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Working on a baby set

01/11 My boss asked me to make a blanket for a coworker and his girlfriend’s new baby. She picked up the yarn and I got to work  :-)  For some reason, this is what I pictured in my mind right away!

01/17 Finished the c2c portion and a boarder with baby’s name, now I just need to wait for her to pop baby out so i know what date to put on the bottom lol While I wait I’m going to outline the letters using a surface ss in blue to make them more visible lol

01/21 Got the outline done the other day and I think it works SO well! Now the wait continues… But she does have an out of town Dr appointment today, and he said she’ll probably be staying there :-D

02/04 Well, Mr Parker was born January 23 at 10:08 pm. I went to start on the bottom of the blanket the next day and I couldn’t find my hook! :-( In the meantime, his Mum commented that Parker would love a Winter Pixie Beanie, so I made him one to go with his blanky  :-) I finally found my hook and finished the graph…and then stalled a few more days because I was NOT looking forward to all that reverse slip stitching and surface slip stitching lol But…it’s finally done and a basket full of baby goodies (including these items) is being delivered on the 7th :-D

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