Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Its been a busy week!

It all started with a tester call...which I always love  :-D  I got to try out Keep Calm and Crochet On UK's newest (and first for 2014!) pattern - the men's Inca Trails hat (ladies version is in the works!)

Then my neighbors got me some yarn for Christmas (the only thing I asked for lol) so I thought it'd be nice to make them something. My pattern of choice? The Brain Waves beanie (with ear flaps, upon request) by Playing Hooky

My hubby said the neighbor hubby (who actually had the brilliant idea of getting me yarn - the only person who did lol) was eyeing up the Camo yarn so of course I had to do a hat for him with it!

But I also had some Blacklight yarn kicking around that I really wanted to put to good use... so I thought it'd be funny to make him a hat with it and give that to him first lol Except...he was way more accepting of it than I expected lol For being such a good sport I gave him the Camo hat right away lol

Next was a hat for his wife, my friend. Along with the Camo, they got me a very pretty pink and a burgundy/purple so I used those in her hat (pic to come). The whole time I was making it I was so tempted to keep it, I love how the colors turned out!

And now I'm sitting here working on a puppy jacket for my boss's little dog. It's just a wee little thing so it shouldn't take long  :-)

Just added a pic of the dog jacket. Now all I need to do is sew on the buttons.  I think I'll wait to do a proper fitting before I do that.  I really hope it fits, considering I've never met the dog and all I had to go by was measurements (taken with a ruler - eep... lol) given to me by the owner. Crossing fingers!

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  1. Wow you have had a busy hat week. Thanks for testing the Inca Hat for me! Love the little dog coat!