Saturday, 6 July 2013

What a day!

So today was fun at  I was sick yesterday so I had 3 cake orders to do today on top of the baking that needed to be done.  The first cake (the yellow and blue one) wasn't so bad - the colours didn't want to get to the right shade, but it was ok.  The second one (the "spiritual" one) was a hassle because aparrently the store I just started working for doesn't actually sell full slab (16x24") cakes - so that meant we didn't have a big enough box, so I had to improvise by cutting down a bigger box that some cookies came in lol  Through all this I have the store manager coming by every half hour asking if I've started the third cake (with the picture of the big truck) because he has to explain (for the third time) exactly how they want it laid out - I guess I just didn't understand his drawn diagram or other two explinations.  Anywho - go to start on that and there's no chocolate cake!  I know I told my supervisor last week that I needed it.  Ah well, marble will have to do!  I'm just glad that day is over - now to start thinking about another custom order (a "torso" cake *wink, wink* lol)

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