Saturday, 14 December 2013

Crocodile stitch boots galore!

It all started with a post on Facebook asking for a pair of these slippers (Crocodile stitch boots by Bonita Designs) in late October.

I was willing to do it but I was at work, and before I could get in touch with the person who asked, someone else got to them first. That was fine by me,
I just thought it would be fun to try something new. Then someone else, we'll call her C,  messaged me and asked if I could make her 2 pairs for Christmas. I said ok, bought the pattern, and got to work in early November.

I had no sooner finished the first (multicolor) pair (on December 1st - my bday lol) and posted a pic when someone ELSE, we'll say J, messaged asking if I could make her 3 pairs for Christmas lol 

I said that unfortunately, I wasn't sure if I could do it for Christmas, as I was new to this pattern and didn't know if I'd have time - the first ones seemed to take forever, but I'd let her know. J asked if I could do 2 pairs, or even just 1. I felt bad but I had to say I'd get back to her. 

Apparently I got the hang of it because C's next (yellow) pair worked up a lot faster than the first - I started on December 3rd and finished them on the 13th.

On a side note - while I was working on C's yellow boots, my dog had puppies! So (with permission from C, of course) I snuck a puppy into a slipper and took a cute pic  :-D

So now I'm starting on not 1, but 2 pairs of child size boots for J lol For Christmas. Am I nuts? Lol  I started one pair last night (December 13th) and I'm almost half done  :-D  Wish me luck, and send me lots of cro-jo lol

Update Dec 17 - finished off one pair of kids' size boots, now starting the next.  
Pic added

Update Dec 22 - Finished second pair of boots, dropping them off to the customer tomorrow  :-D

Pic added

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