Friday, 24 October 2014

Easy Peasy Slippers for all

My Boogie man wanted me to make him some slippers, so I thought I'd try just freehanding them. Since I wrote down the pattern as I went along making the first one (so they'd be exactly the same lol) I thought I'd post it on here for others who want an easy, quick pair of slippers.

The pattern I wrote down is for a 4 year old (about 6.5" long foot - sm child I guess you'd call it), but the way it's worked up it can easily be used to make other sizes. I will make notes along the way marked with * to make changes, with a picture at the bottom to try and show what is meant.  Please note, this pattern has not been tested so if you find errors or just have questions, please let me know.  If you do make some, I'd love if you'd share a picture on my Facebook page

with adjustments to make other sizes

You need a size I/9/5.5mm hook, WW yarn, and a yarn needle

The gauge is 3 hdc X 3 rows=1" but for other sizes, gauge (or yarn/hook combo, or stitch, for that matter) is not very important, as long as you have measurements (or a foot) to work with

Ch 1 does not count as a stitch
American terminology used

Ch - chain
Hdc - half double crochet
Ss - slip stitch
Bphdc - back post half double crochet
Fphdc - front post half double crochet

Ch 3. Ss in first ch to make ring (or use magic circle)
Rnd 1- Ch 1. 8 hdc in ring. Ss to first hdc to join
Rnd 2- Ch 1. 2 hdc in first st and each st around. Ss to join
Rnd 3- Ch 1. Hdc in first st. 2 hdc in next. (Hdc in next. 2 hdc in next) around. Ss to join

*For other sizes, keep increasing evenly until circle is almost as wide across as the widest part of the foot.  Then, continue on with pattern {pic A}*

Rnds 4~9- Ch 1. Hdc in first st and around.  Ss to join

*For other sizes, work in even rounds until slipper covers the entire front half of the foot, up to the bottom of the leg {pic B}*

Row 1- Ch 1. Hdc in first st and next 19 sts. Turn

*For other sizes, your row will start at the front of the right ankle and continue under the foot and around to the front of the left ankle, generally leaving 4-6 unworked sts {pic C}*

Rows 2~5- Ch 1. Hdc in first st and across. Turn
Row 6- Ch 1. Hdc in first st and across

*For other sizes, keep working in even rows until slipper measures entire foot length, or can be put on and wrap snugly around the heel {pic D}*

Fold last row in half and ss evenly through back loop only of front layer and front loop only of back layer.  Fasten off and cut yarn
Fasten off and cut yarn (leaving a tail long enough to sew heel closed). Fold last row in half and sew along seam

Rnd 1- Join yarn with ss to first unworked st of last round *Next to "finish here" in pic C*. Ch 1. Hdc evenly around, working 1 hdc per row along sides. Ss to join.
Rnd 2~3- Ch 1. Hdc in first st.  Bphdc in next. (Fphdc in next. Bphdc in next) around.  Ss to join. Fasten off. Cut yarn. Sew in ends

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