Thursday, 28 March 2013

An update and a Thank you I am...still sane...for now  lol  The last year or so has turned my life around quite a lot - and not in a good way, unfortunately. 

Almost a year ago we moved out of the town that I'd spent my whole life in, about 3 hours away, because hubby got a job - and for the first little while things were great.  He was getting decent wages, they had a staff house with cheap rent, the people were nice - then things started going downhill.  Hubby's boss (I sure wish I had googled Jack Purdy before we moved!) started messing around with his pay, slowly giving him less and less and saying things would return to normal after 'this' was done and then it was when 'that' was done etc, until we were barely surviving - let alone able to move back to our hometown.  Finally hubby decided enough was enough, he wasn't counting on their "promises" anymore, and he filed a complaint with Labour Relations for all the unpaid hours (even at minimum wage, because they didn't give him pay stubs proving he made more, they still owe him around $6K!).  His boss's response was to give us a 24 hour eviction notice.  Nice, right?  Long story short, in February we had to store our stuff at friends' houses (in that town, because we can't afford a truck to move it) and come back to our hometown (staying with my dad, who happened to have a heart attack - on my son's birthday while I was still stuck out of town -  and need a double bypass just as we were planning to come to his house)  and I'm now looking for work and having no luck.  It's been....tiring...trying...stressful... but, onwards and upwards!

During all this I haven't been too active on here or at Mum Made Me (or crocheting at all, for that matter), and I lost a bunch of likes on Facebook.  At first I was a little upset but I've decided that it's ok, because it gives me a chance to thank the fans who have stuck around during my absence, and to appreciate those who emailed me to show their support while I was/am dealing with some bumps in life's road.  I know that things will turn around again and I will be able to get back to you all, happy and energized, and back to crocheting things again.  Thank you again to all of you who have stood by my side  <3

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