Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Moroccan Market Tote

A little while ago somebody posted a picture of their finished Moroccan Market Tote (pattern by Moogly), and I was in love from the word "Go" lol The pattern calls for stripes of different colors to make up the body of the bag, but right away I pictured it in Red Heart Super Saver blacklight yarn. I think it turned out really well, and I can't wait to see it in it's full glory (aka under a blacklight lol)

I got to a really good start on Feb 21, but the next day, about half way through, I ran out of blacklight yarn :-( I placed the order in mid Feb, and I had to wait until Mar 15 for it to finally come in the mail!  It felt. Like. Forever!  lol So I finished the project I started while waiting for the yarn, and on the 18th I got back to the bag. It was done, and put to use, the next morning  :-D

Not only is this a free pattern, it's an awesome free pattern!  I found that it was explained very clearly, with pictures to help along the way. I even learned a few tricks - such as the standing Double Crochet, and got a refresher on others - like the chainless beginning dc (instructions and links to tutorials are in the Moroccan Tote pattern)  I will be making another one for sure!  Thanks Moogly!!  <3


  1. It's so gorgeous Cathy! Thank you for sharing the links, and for sharing your photo on the Moogly Facebook page! :D

  2. This worked up beautifully! Love it!